Your business has already changed. Did you notice?

We'll help your organization implement and adapt to what's already happening around you, and develop a plan to keep you ahead of what's coming next.


Leadership Development

Great leadership culture is built intentionally, not accidentally. Our approach ensures that the organization has a sustainable approach for leadership development. Think of the best leaders and, in nearly every case, they provided high support and high challenge to their teams and organizations. Our process – which incorporates a number of methodologies, including what we've learned as GiANT partners – helps guide leaders to learn how to bring healthy and effective support and challenge in every circle of influence, to create a culture of empowerment and to provide opportunity for everyone on the team.


Strategic Consulting

Whether you're weathering barrel prices in the energy industry, worried about your business surviving a pandemic, adjusting to leadership change or bracing for it, observating behavioral or generational changes in your onboarding of new talent, or just looking to leverage new talent or assets to make your business grow the right way, Foreword can help. We bring a strategic approach to culture development that's rooted in experience, empathy and decisiveness. We don't mess around, because you don't have time.

We offer behind-the-scenes consulting with individual leaders, boards or groups, or out-front, hands-on development of entire teams.


Executive Coaching

Blanket solutions for how to become a great leader don't create lasting change. By utilizing our training – accredited by ICF –  we take each leader’s individual wiring into account. We provide support and challenge to assist the leader to reach a higher level.


Strategy Consulting

Even with great leaders in place, an organization can struggle to reach its potential. We help organizations put strong practices in place to ensure timely and consistent communication of their vision, mission, values, strategy and performance expectations. We use an organizational clarity model to help leaders think through and articulate these key messages, to ensure that all employees understand – and are empowered to help achieve – the vision and objectives of the organization.


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